Learn to Write in Cursive

Tuesdays, October 2, 12 (note: the 12th is a Friday), 16, 23, and 30

4:00 p.m.

calligraphy-cursive-font-vector-6553868This program is suggested for teens 13 and older. With the rise of computers, cell phones, and social media, the art of writing cursive is no longer always taught at schools—some would say it’s a dying art. But the ability to write in cursive can help you in many ways, from giving you a classy and legible signature to allowing you to better read old manuscripts.

We’ll teach you how to read and write in cursive during this class so you can impress those around you and expand your own skill set. All materials will be supplied by the library. There is no cost, but we ask that you register by calling 315-986-5932. Space is limited.

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