Session One, for youth ages 10-15 only: Wednesday, July 18

Session Two, for teens and adults ages 16 and up: Wednesday, July 25

3:00 p.m.

finding the right position in the forest via gpsHave you heard of geocaching? This wildly popular outdoor activity uses a GPS (global positioning system) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to play “hide and seek” with small containers, called “geocaches,” which are hidden in specific locations marked by coordinates. You and your team will search for those coordinates, find the geocache, and log in in the small notebook inside the container. Sometimes the boxes also contain small prizes or toys. Geocaching is fun, educational, and great outdoor exercise!

Our groups will be led by Phil Klinger, who has been doing geocaching for us for many years. Phil will go with everyone to Bullis Park to practice their geocaching skills. Phil, a former Department of Transportation engineer, has worked for many years with children and teens who want to learn geocaching, which requires strong orienteering skills and a passion for finding hidden treasure.

Parents are welcome to accompany their children on this activity if they wish.We’d ask a parent to be responsible for getting their child9ren) from the library (where you’ll meet) to Bullis Park.

Sign up for our two age-specific geocaching sessions by calling us at 315-986-5932 or stopping by the library to sign our registration sheet. This is a great summer activity that’s sure to get you and your teens hooked.


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