Teen Time Lock-In

Friday, June 22

5:00-10:00 p.m.

This month’s Lock-In is going to be something special. We’re going to have use of a new DropMix Music Gaming System, as a preview of summer activities at the library. This dynamic and fast-paced music-mixing game blends popular songs from award-winning artists to create mind-blowing mixes. Once you see it, you’ll want to master the mix! And we may start some Google Translate lyrics—

We’re also getting a delicious sub tray from DiBella’s so you MUST have your registration forms in to Julia as soon as possible (by Wednesday, June 20 at the latest). No last-minute registrations or there won’t be enough food! Find the registration forms at the Library or HERE.

If you’ve been to a Lock-in before, you know how much fun they are. If not, why not try it out and see why teens are calling it the best thing to do on a Friday night?

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