Organic Farming Presentation

Tuesday, May 1

6:30 p.m.

Come learn the nuts and bolts of setting up an entire eco-system in your own backyard with local organic farmers Jim and Beth Welsh.  Learn about their farm story and how you, too, can create an ecosystem and be able to keep chickens in a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.  You’ll also sample a roasted organic chicken with homemade sauces created by Jim.  Jim will even teach everyone how to properly carve a chicken!  This presentation is guaranteed to be a wealth of useful information and flavors for anyone interested in organic food, farming and cooking.  

The Welshes practice ecosystem farming, which involves keeping a variety of plants for both the chickens and the farmer to thrive. It is a well-orchestrated symphony resulting in chickens raised in a natural environment with naturally grown food that is far more cost efficient than purchasing expensive, organic feed.


Jim and Beth are methodically transforming their acreage by planting apple trees and specific perennial plants that will make for an ecosystem that creates lots of benefits for their organically reared chickens. And they are raising plump, juicy chickens in a very humane and sustainable way.


“We create a type of system called a permaculture.” Beth said. “When you plant the right mix of things together and add in the chickens you get a system that is self-sustaining. It’s good for the farmer, the plants, the trees and, of course, the chickens!”


Please call the library at 315-986-5932 to register your attendance.

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