April’s Family Movies

April brings spring showers, bright crocuses, and a month of fun family movies at Macedon Public Library. Bring your children on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. to watch a flick, and then enjoy an activity. Public, private, and homeschooled children in grades three through five are welcome to attend. The movies are free, and no reservation is necessary.

April 11

The Witches

The.witchesRecently orphaned Luke Eveshim spends a holiday in a hotel with his grandmother Helga, who teaches him about witches. He befriends Bruno Jenkins, with whom he lurks around a convention of women. They find it’s a cover for a witches convention, where the international Grand High Witch Eva Ernst instructs the ‘soft’ English witches how to dispose of all children. They are discovered and transformed into rodents, yet escape, and must stop the evil plan at all cost.

April 18

The Ant Bully

The.Ant.BullyLucas Nickles is the new kid in town and the local bully, Steve, makes sure he knows it. Lucas gets so fed up with being bullied that he takes out his frustration on ants in his backyard, squirting them with his garden hose and stamping on the ant hill. So Zoc the ant wizard uses a potion to shrink Lucas down to ant size! He is sentenced to hard labor in the ruins and learns to be more compassionate to ants. He becomes an ant friend, then must become an ant hero when Stan Beals, the local pest control guy, who’s an even bigger bully, comes to wipe out the entire colony. An “ants vs pest control” battle ensues and Zoc reluctantly accepts that Lucas may be the ants’ only chance of survival.

April 25

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge.to.TerabithiaJesse “Jess” Aarons comes from a poor farm family with four annoying sisters. He finds no haven at school where he’s teased by everyone. The only thing Jess has is running; after training all summer for the big race on the school athletic day, he and every other boy racing are beat by new girl Leslie Burke. Like Jess, Leslie is teased by her fellow students, but unlike Jess she doesn’t let it bother her. After a rocky start, they find common ground and together create the imaginary world of Terabithia as a haven from their struggles at school and at home. Leslie teaches Jess to open his mind to every possibility and leave reality behind. But, after a tragedy occurs, Jess must trust in what Leslie has taught him to help over come the horrors that reality can bring.

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