Friday Happy Hour

Friday, March 30

3:30 p.m.

It’s been a long week and you just want it to end. The boss was a bear, those reports almost didn’t get done, and you spilled soup on your shirt during a client lunch.

You need a break.

May we suggest a stop at the library on your way home? We’re offering coffee from our Keurig coffee maker for half price—fifty cents—from 3:30 on. Better yet, pick up the kids at daycare first and bring them with you, because we have hot chocolate, too, for the same price.

Grab a cup to go, or spend some time perusing the latest issue of your favorite magazine in our comfortable reading lounge. The kids, meanwhile, can play games on our iPad—just ask for it at the desk; it’s loaded with kid-friendly games.

Give yourself the break you so richly deserve before starting a busy weekend of activities. Take a deep breath, slip your cell phone into your pocket, and join us at the library.

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